Fabric 64 – Guy Gerber (Stream)

Ibiza-Voice: Was this mixed digitally or on two turntables and a mixer?
Guy Gerber: “No, it was made using keyboards, drum machines and bass guitars, and some very late nights.”

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01. Guy Gerber – Store-House Consciousness
02. Guy Gerber – The Golden Sun and the Silver Moon
03. Guy Gerber – Shady Triangle
04. Guy Gerber – The Naked Hairdresser
05. Guy Gerber – Ribbons Turn To Chains
06. Guy Gerber – The Rhythm
07. Guy Gerber – A Blade Through My Piano
08. Guy Gerber – One Day in May
09. Guy Gerber feat. Clarian North – Howling Moon
10. Guy Gerber feat. Clarian North – Running Through the Night
11. Guy Gerber feat. Lady Falkor – Lady Falkor
12. Guy Gerber – The Money Shot
13. Guy Gerber – Moon Blur
14. Guy Gerber – My Medicine
15. Guy Gerber – Human Raft
16. Guy Gerber feat. Deniz Kurtel – Just Wanna See You Happy

Guy Gerber is one of the most talented artists we follow. His work over the years has been very inspiring and we can relate when he sometimes struggles with over-thinking and complex ideas. He tells Resident Advisor for him to succeed, he has to keep it simple.
RA. EX099 Guy Gerber

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