Here’s another Rebel Rave installment from our favorite director, David Terranova. #13 is focused on the featured artist of Get Lost VI mixed by Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs. Terranova documents his experiences shooting artists and the occurrences while doing so. Terranova’s artistic direction, editing these down with sound are beautiful but edgy. Terranova breathes a little bit of nostalgia and human energy into all his videos.

“A couple of years ago I made a doco about TEED for Channel 4. It was for TV so I had to keep things safe and classy, but getting to mix Orlando with REBELRAVE was a much welcomed challenge. We had worked together a few times and I knew his sense of humour, so before shooting I had a certain idea in mind of what the editing style of the episode might be like.

My only regret was the Chinese massage. After a whole day of shooting in the rain, I wasn’t feeling too great about having enough content to make an episode, so I got together with Orlando the next morning and took him to an authentic massage place in Chinatown. What I saw in my mind was him lying down on his front whilst having a small woman painfully jumping up and down on his back, at the same time trying to explain his opinions on EDM to the camera. It wasn’t quite as exciting as that, in fact it was really boring. He just got a regular old fashioned massage which he enjoyed way too much.” Terranova