Blackbird. kitchen & bar

We had an amazing time at the Grand Opening of the new Seafood Restaurant, Blackbird, Kitchen & Bar. A beautiful historic and art deco building, completely rehabbed with a contemporary interior by Urban Design. The evening started off with delicious oyster tasting, lounge jazz, and a great selection of local brew with tantalizing cocktails into the night.

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Voltage ~ Modular Animation

“Just like modular synthesizers, people connect with each other in order to achieve diverse objectives. In Voltage, robots, half-human and half-synthesizer, powered by a huge amount of energy, connect to each other in an electric and chaotic trance.” Bam.

Very cool animation from BAM studio, it’s great to see this subject get an artistic approach from a studio which connects the concept of sound and technology. We’d love to see a full animated movie with this concept.

Directed by: Filippe Lyra e William Paiva
Produced by:Barros Melo Animation Studio

Arts & Beats with MURK


Event: Arts&Beats w/ MURK
Saturday, March 10th 3pm-4am

What is Arts&Beats you ask? Well Arts&Beats is an art show with a music twist. This Saturday March 10th 2012 we’re showcasing art along side, 50+ super amazing artist from around the Bay Area. The art will be showcased on two floors (24000 sf) from 3pm till 4am and while everybody is checking out the art you will be able to dance to some amazing music all day and night long. The headliner of the night will be MURK aka Oscar G and Ralph Falcon. They haven’t play in San Francisco together in over 8 very long, overdue years.

Terra Gallery
Tickets | Facebook ~ Local Artist January 2012

sacramento_365_visaomedia_artist - alex trujillo

Sacramento’s newest event website, routinely features local artists each month, they we’re very nice to feature our director and artist, Alex Trujillo. The article highlights Alex’s artistic and musical taste and digs a little into what makes him tick. Read the full article here.

Alex’s art can be viewed for a limited time at the new, Broadacre Coffee cafe, located downtown.You can see unique aircraft models on our partner’s website. You can also buy jewelry at Kate Jewelery and Antha Jewelry shop!

Sound by Soundcloud


“Sound” from SoundCloud on Vimeo.

Soundcloud, the music sharing platform has come a long-way in such a short time. Soundcloud has allowed just about any musician, DJ, label, artist to upload music, share and get an immediate reaction from many listeners in minutes. Soundcloud(artists) expresses how “sound” is part of our everyday lives, similarly how Soundcloud has become part of our everyday lives.

Every time we discover a new sound, a new feeling takes over us. We sometimes want to be the first of our friends to share this new discovery/feeling. As the capabilities of the Soundcloud’s users grows, the possibilities of social entertainment and self-promotion as an artist/label grows.

Soundcloud has released apps for the iPhone and iPad.

4Play for Channel 4: Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs


Always a treat to see video work from David Terranova, his latest project collides with TEED(totallyenormousextinctdinosaurs). Terranova’s past works with Rebel Rave and Richie Hawtin has landed him in the driver’s seat with creative works fusing his passion of music and video. Terranova translates dance music into timeless visual harmony.

““I say that I make dance music,” he tells the filmmakers. “But most people in dance music say that they make house, or techno, or tech house, or trance, or drum ‘n’ bass, or liquid drum ‘n’ bass. And if we just kind of woke up tomorrow morning and there were none of these genres, you just had your record collection in front of you, you didn’t know what any of it was called or where it came from, it wouldn’t matter, that would be great! And you’d probably write some amazing music, and you’d love some music that you’d never loved before, because all the connotations and the weird ideas you have about whether it’s cool, and where it comes from, and what scene it is, and who wrote it, and whether you’ve heard it before—those would just be gone. I like that idea.” Orlando Higgingbothom

Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs – tracks and remixes by T-E-E-D

Art & Sound at Terminal B ~ Sacramento Intl Airport 09.2011


Art & Sound at Terminal B ~ Live@Sacramento Intl Airport_09.2011 by alx-t

Alex Trujillo (ALX-T) ~ Sound mix performed at the Sacramento International Airport, honoring the commissioned artists/designers and the launch of the new terminal B.

The airport is a gathering place of human connectivity, time and travel. The sound of voices, birds, planes and nature can be heard throughout airports. Individuals find themselves waiting for departures to destinations(unknown). This project is intended to create a third place for passengers through art and technology. The sounds you hear in this mix are thoughts, memories and emotions conveyed through shape, color and movement. The repetitive and uptempo melodies are reminiscence of the constant movement we all endure on our worldly travels whether it’s to Paris, Berlin, New York or the white sands of Ibiza._ Alex Trujillo

Terminal B Artists: Lawrence Argent, Joan Moment, Camille Utterback & Michelle Higa, Ned Kahn, Marcia Stuermer, Suzanne Adan, Lynn Criswell, Living Lenses: Po Shu Wang & Louise Bertelsen, Gregory Kondos, Mildred Howard, Donald Lipski, Christian Moeller, Jaume Plensa.

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Designing Dreams Fashion Show 2011 ~ Visuals

Elegance, style and flair. The 2nd Annual Designing Dreams Show, was a memorable night for charity and couture. Designing Dreams was held at the Sacramento Memorial Auditorium, it was amazing to see a 90-foot runway with vibrant backdrop, projections screens, models, and sexy music. Visao Media played a part to bring a little bit of the magic by programming music and creating an array of couture visuals for the show. This was the first time our music would be along side, Sacramento Opera singer, Carrie Hennessey and pianist, David Lee.

Designers: Tiana Vega, Yennie Zhou, Shirali Singh, Melissa Kay, Vasily Vein, Janelle Cardenas, Samuel Parkinson, Maisha Bahati, Nelli Rosh, Aya Yoruha & Diane O., Violetta Vieux

BAMR ~ Clothing & Art

bamr_shirt_visao_sacramento - demetris washington
Nor-Cal based artist, Demetris Washington isn’t your typical young artist. While most artists highlight their creative outlets through eye-catching imagery, Demetris’ introduces his art through the many life lessons we all encounter from youth to adulthood. Demetris explains, “It is impossible to achieve true happiness and success without learning from your failures.” The alias, BAMR, is a direct result of these failures and life purposes (Becoming A Man Righteously). BAMR is about promoting an awareness of hope and success while positively influencing the world through art and creative expression.
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