This video is just too good, not to post! If you’ve been to Ibiza, grew up in the 80’s and love dance music, you’re a pretty lucky and fortunate to experience these few things in life. This video just teases us with all the things we hope to enjoy in life as an adult with sweet childhood memories. We’re completely sold on the Ibizious energy drink, whether it exists or not. “Just take our money, already” as some people might say, when it comes to Ibiza. Nicely done, cheers!!

and here’s an extra goodie just for visiting, from our friends over at Dancetrippn!

Stacey Pullen Interview – Music On Store, Ibiza 2013 from DanceTrippin on Vimeo.

Amnesia is one of the best clubs with the best soundsystems in the world. During Ibiza’s party season, every night has a different theme. You can find the likes of Sven Vath, Marco Carola & Luciano.

Here’s an older set, in case you’re new to Dancetrippin.

DanceTrippin 132: Richie Hawtin & Marco Carola @ Amnesia Closing Party from on Vimeo.